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Some of my ideas I've developed

Tofful clipeep

Clipeep is your clipboard; it helps you to keep the best you discover from across the Web.
People use Clipeep to find inspiration, remember stuff, share and talk about the best.

  • Launched: May 23, 2013
  • Main technologies: PHP MySQL jQuery SEO UI/UX Responsive design
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My portfolio

Selected works that I am proud of.

Illustrations Storky a funny adventure iPhone game and other illustrations of mine

Illustrations, Storky - App icon Illustrations, Storky - App icon 2014-06-24
Illustrations, Storky - Design phases Illustrations, Storky - Design phases 2014-09-02
Illustrations, Storky - Start screen Illustrations, Storky - Start screen 2014-06-10
Illustrations, Storky - Cave scene Illustrations, Storky - Cave scene 2014-06-17

UI/UX Web Design User experience & User interface designs

UI/UX - Statistics graphic UI/UX, Statistics graphic 2014-02-13
UI/UX - Projects map UI/UX, Projects map 2014-02-24
UI/UX - Voiices audio player UI/UX, Voiices audio player 2013-11-20
UI/UX - Clipeep link preview UI/UX, Clipeep link preview 2013-04-29
UI/UX - Icons app UI/UX, Icons app 2014-01-08
UI/UX - Clipeep privacy settings UI/UX, Clipeep privacy settings 2013-05-01
UI/UX - Google user experience UI/UX, Google user experience 2014-09-13
UI/UX - voiices voice recorder UI/UX, Voiices voice recorder 2013-11-24
UI/UX - infovitae new contact UI/UX, Infovitae new contact 2012-01-24
UI/UX - infovitae edit UI/UX, Infovitae edit 2012-01-25
UI/UX - infovitae notifications UI/UX, Infovitae notifications 2012-02-15
UI/UX - infovitae menu UI/UX, Infovitae menu 2012-02-11
UI/UX - infovitae new post UI/UX, Infovitae new post 2012-02-11
UI/UX - infovitae private message UI/UX, Infovitae new contact 2012-01-24

UI/UX Forms Usable and effective web form design

Forms - Long form results Forms, Long form results 2013-05-08
Forms - Start screen Forms, Career development 2014-03-17
Forms - Pick currency Forms, Pick currency 2013-06-02
Forms - Data points Forms, Data points 2013-06-28
Forms - Long form Forms, Long form 2013-06-02
Forms - Filters Forms, Filters 2013-09-23
Forms - Calendar Forms, Calendar 2013-05-08

Branding Logo designs

Branding - Infovitae logo Branding, Infovitae logo 2012-10-13
Branding - Clipeep logo Branding, Clipeep logo 2013-05-22
Branding - buscoalgo logo Branding, buscoalgo logo 2009-02-21
Branding - Health and Safety logo Branding, Health and Safety logo 2009-02-21
Branding - mattful logo Branding, Mattful logo 2010-11-03
Branding - Bulk Upload Tool logo Branding, Bulk Upload Tool logo 2012-03-11
Branding - Freelance own brand logo Branding, Freelance own brand logo 2008-07-06

iPad Sign-in / Sign-out, iPad web app

iPad - Profile iPad, Profiles 2014-07-13
iPad - sign iPad, sign 2014-07-14
iPad - Custom time iPad, Custom time 2014-07-14
iPad - Filters iPad, Filters 2014-07-15
iPad - Sign out iPad, Sign out 2014-07-15

More designs Design and PSD to HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery